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If you’re feeling tense all the time even on the little things, it can lead you to feel stressed chronically. It has a negative impact on your physical health like suppression of the immune system and being at a higher risk of contracting heart diseases. According to Andy Tix, Ph.D., “When we experience stress, our sympathetic nervous systems are activated. Our bodies direct stress hormones such as adrenaline to respond. Salivation decreases, perspiration increases, breathing quickens, heart rate accelerates, digestion slows, blood pressure increases, and immune system functioning lessens.”

Not only that but it can also worsen your psychological state and maybe the reason why mental health illnesses like depression and anxiety will surface. It is indeed alarming.

With the advancement of technology, you can now cope with your stress through your mobile phone and tablet, both on Android and Apple. All you have to do is subscribed to sites like BetterHelp, which can lead you to a peaceful mind and heart. And as Rick Hanson, Ph.D. said, “When you’re at peace – when you are engaged with life while also feeling relatively relaxed, calm, and safe – you are protected from stress, your immune system grows stronger, and you become more resilient.”

Here are some blogs that can assist you in managing your mental health issues, mainly stress.

The Journey Junkie


In 2014, The Journey Junkie was started by Allie Flavio. The Journey Junkie is where people can do yoga, travel, and live life all at the same time. You can find stuff like tutorials and programs for yoga and meditation in the blog. With her voice guiding you, you can follow the techniques being taught and reduce your stress,

Aside from running and meditation, yoga is also a great way to decrease stress. Yoga can not only help with stress but also other illnesses and with mental health like depression and anxiety. Yoga can help you be more relaxed with your body and mind and have calmer breathing as opposed to having fast breathing when stressed. Yoga can also significantly improve your mood, and if you’re pregnant, it can work out the stress knots in you.

In addition, John M. Grohol, PsyD explains, “Many practitioners and teachers of yoga claim it offers benefits for one’s mental health. It seems like an obvious conclusion, given that most yoga focuses on exploring one’s inner world of consciousness.”

The blog shows different kinds of poses for problems like tense and sore muscles and at the same time poses for relaxing and reducing stress. A famous example that might often be visited by office workers is how to reduce soreness in the shoulders and neck by relaxing them.

Here are the five poses she recommended to reduce your stress kinks and tension:

  • Child’s Pose
  • Sphinx Pose
  • Supported Heart Opener
  • Supine Spinal Twist
  • Legs Up

Sleep Junkies


Jeff Mann, creator, and editor created Sleep Junkies manifesto which states that their purpose is to “drag sleep from the margins and into the spotlight.” It means that they are here to help you have a better sleeping pattern.

If there’s one thing that can both cause and worsen stress, it is lack of sleep. However, with how 43% of the adults in the USA lose sleep due to stress, the numbers don’t seem right.

Sleep shouldn’t be something people treat as a waste of time and Sleep Junkies is here to ensure that people know that. Enough sleep can make you happier and healthier as compared to staying up all night.

Your stress levels can affect your sleep that much is a given. People often stay up due to many worries and anxiety. But for people who continually experience stress, their sleep quality is worse.

Adults in the US are said to sleep for about an average of 6.7 hours nightly. The numbers are not good because the recommendation is 7-9 hours. With how 42% say that their sleep quality is poor and 43% claim that stress is what keeps them awake, there might be a need for intervention.

It doesn’t matter what time it is; stress never chooses when to disturb the brain. Anxiety will still appear to disrupt the processes in one’s nervous system. One thing people should remember though is that the brain doesn’t know the difference between the stressors. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re stressed due to money, work, or friends. To your brain, it’s all stress and will still affect it and thus affect your sleep quality.

Sleep Junkies promotes things like a good sleep to reduce stress. Some of the ways to do this are by having a routine before sleeping and doing it regularly. If your sleeping problems are worsening, then contacting help might be needed. These are necessary because you must remember that humans need sleep to perform well.

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