10 Ways To Beat Anxiety By Living Your Life To The Fullest

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Life can be as beautiful as it can be when you look at the good side of things. It can be filled with happiness, peace, and love if only you choose to do so. But it is not perfect. In life, you will go through many problems that you think you might not be able to surpass. At one point, you might feel the worst about yourself. There will be so much sadness, stress, depression, anxiety, and even hatred in your heart that you think you can no longer be happy again. “Anxious thoughts activate the limbic system — the fear center in our brain — and it’s on a hair-trigger,” says psychologist Scott Bea, PsyD.

We can never avoid problems. A beautiful life doesn’t mean a perfect life; it means that even though you encounter so many problems, you still choose to feel alive, to be full of happiness and peace in your heart and mind and full of inspiration. There are a few easy steps I have come up with on how to live a beautiful life amidst the anxieties that come along with it.

Appreciate All The Blessings

This is very important for you to live a beautiful life. Others might see what they don’t have and compare themselves to people who are more successful than them and be sad and depressed and feel like a failure for not achieving what others have already achieved. Do not do this to yourself. Look at the blessings that you have and be grateful for all of them because, at one point in your life, you have asked for those blessings that you have now. Anthony Nagulat, LMHC, says, “You don’t have to think big…even small wins are something to be thankful for.”

Know Yourself And Love Who You Are

Most of us think that we already know everything about ourselves but then when we go through more in life, and we seem to be at lost with who we are. Find out what makes you happy and what your passions are. Take the road to self-discovery and fall in love with yourself even more. By loving yourself, anxiety cannot park anywhere within you.

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Live The Life You Feel Is Beautiful

You might feel that your life could be better than it is now. When this feeling hits you, perhaps it’s time to think about what is missing in your life. Maybe you lack purpose or inspiration to pursue your passion. Perhaps you can’t pinpoint what indeed makes you happy. Being unsure should not stop you from creating a beautiful life.

Make Changes

Everything starts within yourself. You have to feel beautiful and confident, inside and out. This feeling will overflow in what you do and will make your life as beautiful as it can be without the stress and worry.

Give Love To Get More Love

Love is what makes life worth living. But there are times when we think that we need to receive love before we can give it back. The people around you cannot give their love if they feel that you cannot love them. Make them feel your love. Give them love (not hate, fear, anger, stress, or worry), and they will reciprocate it.

Practice Forgiveness

It is such a burden to be living with hatred and anger. It feels heavy, and it drains all the energy out of you; it can even cause grave anxiety and depression. Forgiving even when they don’t ask for it is not for them, but for you to be free and have peace of mind. Let go of anger by forgiving and then live your best life. “True forgiveness goes a step further,” says psychologist Bob Enright, “offering something positive—empathy, compassion, understanding—toward the person who hurt you. That element makes forgiveness both a virtue and a powerful construct in positive psychology.”

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Look At Things In A New Perspective

When you encounter problems, you might think that you cannot handle it. Everything that comes our way prepares us to be a better version of ourselves. Instead of thinking that you cannot surpass this problem, tell yourself that you are strong enough to face this battle and you will come out stronger than ever.

Have A Flexible Mind

If you think wrongly against everything and you don’t have an open mind, then you can’t grow and be a better person. You will be full of anxieties in life, and you won’t grow. When you can’t be a better person, everything around you turns ugly, and you won’t be able to enjoy a beautiful life.

Expect The Best, Not The Worst

When you radiate positivity in your life, everything around you will have a dose of that positivity. When you encounter problems, instead of thinking the worst (all your fears and anxieties), expect the best outcome and the rest will follow. Positivity is always equal to a beautiful life.

Make A Difference In This World

Living a beautiful life filled with so much love, happiness and positivity even with problems can inspire others to look at life more positively. Also, a little influence can go a long way and if more and more people start to live a beautiful life, then one day the world would be a beautiful place where everyone is at peace and living a beautiful life filled with happiness, peace, and harmony.

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