5 Small Changes To Make Your Day Better


Ever find yourself in a bad mood all the time? A bad mood might affect your health and your relationships with other people. So, for a better mindset, check out these simple tips you could try:

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1. Set Your Alarm Half An Hour Earlier

We all dread waking up to the sound of our alarms. But one common trait of most successful people is the fact that they get up early in the morning. Doing so doesn’t necessarily mean that you should already be up and about by 3 a.m. However, you could try setting your alarm for at least half an hour earlier. But why do we suggest this?

This extra time will give you what you need to do everything to get ready for the day. It could be your time to exercise, meditate, cook your breakfast, or read a favorite book. Not only will this save you from rushing out the door completely unprepared, but it will also allow you to have a starting time for your day’s business.

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2. Listen To A Podcast

The same routine of commuting/walking to work or school can get a little tiresome for most people. Some might even outgrow their usual playlist and crave for something different. If you can relate, your morning travel could use a little help by introducing the idea of podcasts to your routine. Podcasts have been around for the longest time and are audio clips of people talking for usually over an hour. The topics people talk about in podcasts can be about anything under the sun. Because of this, you are sure to find a topic that will suit what you want to hear.

Podcasts are a great way to relax. It’s like white noise but with so much more sense, laughter, and learning.

3. Don’t Eat Lunch At Your Desk

Sometimes, work is just too heavy that we can easily get tempted to have lunch overwork. Taking occasional breaks benefits your health and productivity. It is crucial in practicing work-life

balance. Go out, try a different café or restaurant, or bring your lunch somewhere else. All these can give you the break you need. You owe it to yourself to create a break during office hours, not just after work is over. With this, you are sure to be a step closer to a healthier and happier life.

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4. Develop A Bedtime Routine

An unproductive evening can overshadow a pleasant morning. It is a must not only to start your day right but also to end your day on a bright note. Developing a consistent routine can help your mind transition to rest. It can include preparing your meal for the next day, having a long shower time once a week, or even finishing a chapter of a book. It may not always be the same thing every night, but the variation can also help.

5. Look Forward To Something

You will realize that you are in a productive state if you are looking forward to an event. Don’t let Fridays be the only excitement you set in a week. Be it a date night, an upcoming movie, a new series to binge-watch, or dinner with friends, all these can help you become more productive. Keeping yourself excited certainly does a lot of things like keeping us away from sad thoughts!

You might be surprised at how the smallest changes can make the most drastic difference to our day. Try these tips for yourself and see how your morning and evening goes. Good luck!

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