7 Bs To Remember To Overcome Anxiety And Depression

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Psychologists are the best individuals to turn to when you have matters of the heart and mind that seem to get the best of you. We are mostly referring to depression and anxiety, which affect millions of individuals across the globe. Such mental disorders are so scary, considering they can get acquired by kids as young as three years old. “Depression may happen when we push down or de-press wounds from the past, when we hold on to long-term negative belief systems, or when plagued with regretful memories of “what was.” Anxiety, on the other hand, is related to fears of the future and the “what-ifs,” says Ruth Altamura-Roll, LPC. 

If children are prone to anxiety and depression, though, you can imagine how easy it is for adults like us to pick up either or both illnesses. For one, we tend to deal with various stressors at once, including bills to pay, annoying coworkers, heavy traffic, and other responsibilities. You or someone in the family may have a physical condition as well, which often brings your mood down or makes you panic.

Nevertheless, if you wish to overcome depression and anxiety, here are seven Bs that you should remember.

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Be Creative

You can use your artistic skills to be able to get out of your misery. There had been sculptors and painters, among others, who became famous for being able to create a masterpiece that depicts the sorrow of a person so you can try it also, and maybe in time, we’ll all get wind of the fact that you’re already doing a one-person exhibit for your artworks. Cool, isn’t it?

Cathy Malchiodi Ph.D., LPCC agrees, saying, “Art therapy uses simple art activities to help people express themselves and develop a sense of well-being through the creative process.”

Be Extravagant For Once

Not everyone is fortunate enough to get a salary that’s more than what their family needs of their family and spend the rest of their money for themselves. However, some depressed people get better once they purchase all the luxurious things that they want, no holds barred. It’s as if the chain of department stores is their outlet for all their hidden emotions.

Be Happy

Individuals get into depression mainly because they think that they will never be happy again, maybe because their boyfriend/girlfriend left them, or they got demoted, or whatever. The truth is, it’s all in mind. Keep on saying on your account that you are happy, and everything will follow through. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says, “A state of happiness and contentment is best achieved by immersing oneself in challenging experiences and inhabiting a state of “flow.” Channeling mental attention into challenging activities can be more rewarding than leisure activities such as watching TV or surfing the Internet.”

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Be In Nature

If you are a city girl or boy and you feel that everything’s just getting too much in your life that you can’t take it anymore, why don’t you go to a rural area where there are lots of trees, or even forests, where you can confer with nature? Green soothes the eyes, and it can also soothe your mind too so that when you go back to the city, the hustles and bustles that come with it won’t bother you anymore.

Be Spontaneous

During your depression period, it’s either you’re a human-machine that works days and night without resting or a human pillow that won’t get out of your bed. Both of them are wrong. By doing something spontaneous, you don’t have to do the same thing that you’ve been doing over and over again. For example, you can still go to your 9-5 day job, then hit the gym, have dinner with your friends, or go to a karaoke bar before going to bed. Those activities can help you feel your importance, and that’s what you need the most to be able to get out of your depression.

Break Off Your Routine

The dullness of what you do every single day of your life can add to your depression because you may have been doing that before with someone you are now missing, so try to break your routine for your good. If, for instance, you go to the same café every day for your coffee, go to the other restaurants instead. A lot of people have done it and gotten better so you can and you will too.

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Bring Out Your Inner Child

Depression can make you look or feel old because depressed people have only three facial expressions: frowning, angry, and poker face. As mentioned above, you need to prioritize your happiness and pay attention to the things to make you happy. Feel free to reminisce and think of the childhood moments that have brought joy in your life. After all, those are untainted memories that money will never be able to buy.

Final Thoughts

Depression and anxiety are among the worst enemies to meet these days, primarily because such disorders remain incurable. You can get diagnosed by a psychiatrist, but you cannot rely on them to give you a long-term solution. The psychologists at counseling platforms like BetterHelp may offer tips on how to deal with the issues, but the healing is still up to you. Therefore, we see no reason for the suggestions above not work if you genuinely want to overcome anxiety and depression.

Good luck!

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