Achieving A Wholesome Living: Important Points To Ponder


Are you wondering right now why you feel unhappy and dissatisfied? Somehow, you are isolated from a party that you’re at, feeling alone despite the people surrounding you. At times, even if you’re with your family and people you love, you feel senseless and incomplete. You begin to ask yourself, “How can I feel whole? Why is it that I don’t feel whole?”

Unhappiness Can Be The Start Of Different Negativities

“In the last 50 years,” wrote Shainna Ali Ph.D., LMHC, “rates of loneliness have doubled in the United States. In a survey of over 20,000 American adults, it was found that almost half of respondents reported feeling alone, left out, and isolated.”

It’s that dreadful feeling when you get out of bed one sad morning, and you don’t want your day to even begin. Life, at times, can be all about struggle and you can’t seem to break free from that cycle. Unhappiness crawls within you, and you become depressed and insecure. These painful feelings often lead to substance abuse and other mental and physical health issues.

Despite this battle that maybe you are facing now, don’t lose hope and always leave some positivity inside you. Fortunately, there are some simple ways in which you can modify the way you live your life. It will take changing your mindset to feel whole and physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. Suzanne Phillips, PsyD defines mindsets as “simple beliefs that shape how we see ourselves and others and how we live our lives. Much of what we consider as our personalities stems from our mindset.”


Take A Break From Your Monotonous Life

When you’re too busy juggling work and family, you don’t realize that you’re way past your limits until you just break down and get sick or have an emotional outburst. Be mindful of how you take care of yourself. Between your busy work schedule and the chores at home, find time to escape and do something outside of your routine, like watching a movie, taking a short trip, or meditating.

Your daily challenges will eat you alive if you don’t take control of them. If you think that mini-breaks haven’t been helping, do ask your partner or family’s understanding and enroll in an enlightening camp or program. Perhaps a change of atmosphere will finally help achieve a better and more revitalized version of yourself.


The Way To Free Your Spirit Is To Move Despite The Ordeal

When you feel this incompleteness or loneliness, you tend to just lie on your bed with curtains closed, or be a couch potato, watching TV and eating your pains away. Nobody needs to tell you that this is a surefire way of making you feel more insecure, unhealthier, and more empty.

You have got to motivate yourself to move – walk, dance, swim. Do what is necessary to improve your well-being. Turn the negativities into positive ones by getting out and experiencing the beautiful things rather than hiding in the dark and feeding your lost soul.

Nurture Yourself Starting From Within

The way we nourish our bodies can tremendously affect the way we feel. When we are stressed, we tend to consume more sugar than is needed. When we don’t feel whole, we try to fill that emptiness with food that can overwhelm us without knowing that it did, until it is too late.

In addition, Donna M. White, LMHC, explains, “Food allergies or intolerances can have a great effect on your mood. For example, if you have gluten allergy or intolerance, consumption of gluten (found largely in wheat products) can leave you feeling sluggish or even depressed.”

It is vital that we start thinking and eating healthy as a way of life, so that when we feel incomplete and lonely, we do not succumb to the sweet temptations, but rather continue consuming greens and the different colors of the fruits that nourish us positively. When you practice this consistently, you will undoubtedly feel healthy physically and mentally. Most vegetables contain abundant mood boosters that are necessary to combat depression.


Break The Unhealthy Cycle And Achieve A Wholesome Living

It will be a little challenging to start practicing routines to achieve a wholesome way of life. However, if you change your mindset, be patient and be persistent in reaching your goal, you will thank yourself in the end. Then you will have broken the cycle sooner rather than later.

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