More Tips To Lose 100 Pounds – Be Well And Be Healthy! 

Who says it’s impossible to lose 100 pounds? A lot of people have done it. Take, for instance, Sharon Osbourne – she underwent gastric bypass. But that alone cannot make you lose 100 pounds. It is hard work and effort to shed off the weight is that made Sharon release all her unwanted fats.  Andrea Polard, Psy.D also advises, “To make happen a long-term commitment, choose from the path only the suggestions that appear doable and relatively easy.”


Mike Tyson, the famous World Boxing champ, also lost more than 140 pounds. What did he do? He started his vegan eating lifestyle and was consistently working out. You know, it’s not just about losing weight. It’s about loving your life by not getting too fat and sickly. For Deborah Khoshaba, PsyD, “People high in self-love nourish themselves daily through healthy activities, like sound nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, intimacy, and healthy social interactions.”

And so with that, we here at Cmchealthsys listened to those who have battled obesity and lost one hundred pounds. Here are the ideas we gathered hoping that more people will benefit from these truths. Good luck!  

Look Past The Pounds 

Stop looking at the weight scale! Numbers can often fool you so don’t depend on them. There might be other measures of success you can use other than looking at the scale. Celebrate the little things like your pants getting looser, your old clothes fitting you, and your sugar levels improving. 

Get Checked For Sleep Apnea 


Sleep is essential in losing weight. Lack of sleep can cause you to get hungrier because it affects the hormones that control your hunger. Poor sleep and poor mental health go hand in hand. Additionally, Dr. Alisa Werner-Seidler, a clinical psychologist, confirms, “While most people who get poor sleep do not develop mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, poor sleep and insomnia do pose a higher risk of mental ill-health.”

Sleep apnea can disrupt your sleep without you even noticing it. Overweight people are often affected by this disorder so you might want to get yourself tested for sleep apnea. Even those without the excess weight are troubled by this!  

Ask About Weight Loss Medicine  

Your body will naturally adjust to you losing weight. It doesn’t matter if you only lost 5% of your weight or 10%, your body will notice it and will tend to fight this so it won’t lose more weight. An example of this is how hormones that tell your brain that you’re full or you’ve eaten enough won’t reach your brain. Then you will still feel hungry as a result.  


For these cases, using medications can help you feel full. But before undergoing medication, make sure to consult your doctor first so they might know whether to give you’re an over-the-counter drug or to prescribe you medicine. Do not just buy those supplements on the shelves with organic ingredients and take it without consulting your physician. It is imperative that you ask first because you don’t know if the active components will react to any existing conditions that you are experiencing together with your obesity issues. 

Play Down On Plateaus 

This kind of thing happens but don’t be discouraged. Don’t stop now. Every event has its plateau, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go up. Reaching the plateau probably means that you’ve reached the point that your exercises are already as natural as breathing for you and you need more challenge. 

 Pat yourself on the back for being consistent and not adding pounds. Maintaining weight is as painful as losing it so that itself is an achievement. If this continues for three months, it might be a good time to visit your diet and exercise plan and make some changes there.  


You can try intermittent fasting or a new type of eating lifestyle.  

 Consider Weight Loss Surgery 

There are times when losing weight becomes a matter of life and death. It means you have to lose weight immediately and waiting for months and years isn’t possible. This can happen to people with extreme health problems that would require them to lose weight quickly. Michelle Vicari and as mentioned earlier, Sharon Osbourne, underwent weight loss surgery, specifically a gastric bypass surgery. It helped them get back on track as the root of her health problems got removed along with the pounds. 

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