The Magic Of Massage: What To Learn From The 2015 Nashville Massage Therapy Seminar

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Many people resort to getting a massage after a very tiring week without really knowing its history, relevance, and effects but thanks to the 2015 Nashville Massage Therapy Seminar, we can be more aware of the important things about massages, as well as the health benefits present in each session we get!


Story Of Massage

Before anything else, how and where did the massage therapy even start?


Originally, massage therapies began in the Chinese and Egyptian empires a long time ago. These ancient cultures were the first to believe in the healing powers of internal medicine and eventually became part of their medical traditions. As the tradition go on from generation to generation, now, massage therapy has been incorporated in many different countries’ culture and is now part of people’s lifestyles to treat body aches, muscle pain, improve internal health and to de-stress as well.



The Evolving Industry

Massage therapy is very popular nowadays because not only is it relaxing and healthy but it’s accessible as well! In the United States, about 15.4 million adults have gotten a massage, and jobs in the massage therapy industry are predicted to have a massive increase by at least 24% until 2026!


The influence of massage therapy has relevantly increased throughout the years. Not only this but a lot of variations have been developed as well! Now, there are massage therapists you can book in your own home, numerous spas and local outlets found in commercial spaces, and you can even find massage chairs in different malls!


More and more people have acknowledged the healing abilities of massage therapy and the service continues to evolve to reach more aching bodies.



The Healing Touch

But what exactly does a massage give our body?


Massage therapy has been scientifically proven to:

            improve blood circulation

            ease muscle tension

            reduce stress hormones

            increase flexibility and mobility

            alleviate muscle pain

            hasten recovery of soft tissue injuries

            target painful areas through pressure points

            relieves mental health issues like stress, depression, anxiety


Many people get a massage just for its relaxing effects. However, there’s really more to it. The healing powers of massage therapy continue to help people become healthy internally and externally, and it’s accessibility and affordability are just bonuses to make it an all-in-one package.


Feeling stressed? Any muscle pain you want to relieve? Visit a massage therapist now!