Total Wellness: Tips To Lose 100 Pounds 

They say it’s impossible to lose one hundred pounds. Well, it is impossible to lose one hundred pounds in one month, but it’s possible to drop it in six to eight months if you do it right. You can lose weight healthily and for good. Are you ready to know the secrets to total wellness and to lose one hundred pounds? 


It’s All About Planning 

Losing weight isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s not something that happens suddenly too because it’s a mountain to climb so doing shortcuts won’t help you. In addition, obesity psychologist Jim Keller asserts, “The human body and brain are designed to eat — thus explaining why losing weight proves so challenging for so many.”

Here are some tips by experts on how to do that.  

Go Big For Breakfast 


Don’t skip breakfast because studies show how being full in the morning can make you less hungry throughout the day. Eating breakfast, especially a high protein meal, is beneficial for you. Try to aim for at least 25 grams of protein in a 350-400 calorie meal. It would prevent you from eating more in the afternoon.  

Keep A Photo Diary 

Try to take notes of what you eat and shoot photos of them. This would remind you of your daily food consumption. 

Use An App  

“We have lots of mindless eating habits that lead to weight gain, such as mindlessly popping chips in your mouth while watching TV or eating when you aren’t really hungry,” says Susan Albers, PsyD. 

Admit it or not, apps like My Fitness Pal can really help guide people into reaching their fitness goals. It can help you track your meals, how much calories are in it, and also how much you have progressed. This way you can see what you need improvement.  

Try A Meal Replacement Plan


Professionals would suggest a meal plan with a replacement meal. This means swapping one meal a day for other stuff like shakes or protein bars. It might be difficult but committing to thin can bring good results in about six months to a year. 

Set Up Your Food Storage 

You know what they say, “see no evil, and hear no evil.” If you can’t see any food at home, you won’t be getting the temptation to eat them. Organize your pantry and fridge in a way that the healthy snacks and food are placed in areas where you can easily see and grab them.  Hide the unhealthy food and put the healthy ones like fruits at eye level when opening the fridge door. 

Shop Smart 

Make a list of what you should buy in the groceries so that you won’t have to get take-out. Plan your meals so purchasing ingredients in a store will be more accessible. Going to bulk warehouse stores may seem tempting because it’s easier to buy food all at once but avoid this because it might tempt you to overeat.  

Find A Fan Club  

Losing weight is more fun if you have someone to do it with or someone to support you. You can help each other by sharing tips or even challenging each other to get yourselves motivated. It’s always better to have support as they can tell if you’re doing a great job. 

Outsmart Your Inner Critic  

People tend to uphold themselves on ridiculously high standards and are often their own worst critics. When you slip up in your diet or exercise regimen, you might feel like beating yourself up over it but don’t do that. Be kind to yourself. Pretend that it’s a friend who made a mistake. Be nice.  

Try Physical Therapy 


There are many reasons as to why people might get a physical therapist. You can get one if you’re having difficulty moving and doing daily activities. The therapist will be like a personal trainer who can help you get back on your feet by designing programs suited to you.  

Work Your Muscles 

The common misconception about gaining muscles is that they’re difficult to get and that they’re for looking good only. Muscles burn fat and can be obtained even with just moving the extra weight. Tone those muscles of yours and use them because if they go unused, they might disappear. Exercises like wall squats can help you target multiple muscles all at once. Also, “The link between exercise and mood is pretty strong,” Michael Otto, Ph.D. says. “Usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood-enhancement effect.”

Get In The Pool 


If there’s one exercise that gets your whole body moving, it’s swimming. This is good for building your cardio and muscles at the same time. If you find difficulty in swimming, try to swim in chest-deep water instead. It is more likely to reduce swelling and reduce the pain felt because of inflammation. 

The next blog will discuss more tips on total wellness and how to lose 100 pounds in a healthy way. 

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